Child Sponsorship Program

Many Children in Uganda lack access to basic necessities in life like health care,proper nutrition and quality education. When you actually sponsor a child,you give them a chance to access resources that they need to survive and promotes the entire family to  raise their standards of living. Helping one child,is a ripple effect to the entire community.

YAMU Child sponsorship program focuses on improving the well-being of children and youth in need,with a special attention on the most vulnerable in our target communities. We are serving in the most heart-broken, hopeless and heart- wrenching places and we believe we offer a platform for them to raise their  voices and to get them the help they need.  For every child sponsored , another 4 children will also benefit. That’s because we work to strengthen the whole community, so all children can access real global opportunities and a chance to become better people. We believe we can together break the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive an information package about that child that includes; details about their lives and the community they live in, photos of the child and family.  You will also receive an introduction letter from your newly sponsored child.  You can write to your child whenever you like, and we shall be sending you annual updates on your child, their community and country so you can see first hand how your donations have made an impact in this child’s life.