Supporting is about how all of us as individuals, taking action on a small scale, can help to bring about huge changes for the better for those who need it.That is why we need as many people as possible to join together with us and help raise funds, which enable our projects to make a lasting difference to communities and families we serve.There are lots of great ways to raise valuable funds. When we work together we can accomplish so much ! You and other caring partners are an important part of our work in many ways. Become a fundraiser today and you will help children , youth and communities to survive and build better lives for themselves. You can organize a bake sale, car wash, fashion show, art auction, poetry show, supply drive, or a dance party. Get creative!!! Before your event, contact us at:  to request handouts for your special fundraising event.


Network :Spread the word about YAMU awesome programs, volunteer opportunities by linking us to your social networks!

Become An Ambassador: Are you involved in a school, church, mosque, temple, positive sorority/fraternity, or any other community or social group that you can approach and talk about the work YAMU is doing to enrich the lives of Ugandan children and youth? If you are, consider becoming an Ambassador to advocate for your school or group to partner with, or support Youth Arts Movement Uganda.

Used Items :
Your used items are valuable to YAMU! Instead of throwing away your old Computer or digital camera, art supplies, consider donating it to YAMU; Our wish list includes:

• Coloring Books (new) • Pens, Pencils, Markers • Notebooks and Paper • Paints and watercolors (new) • Paintbrushes (new or used-clean) • Sketchbooks (new) • Children’s DVDs (new or used) • Memory cards (new) • Color or black and white film (new) • New or used working digital cameras • New or used working video cameras • New or used working laptops (PC or Mac) Keyboard, Sound Monitors, Sound cards, Guitar, anything that you would like share with us is welcome.

Corporate Sponsorship
Do you work for a corporation? Will your company provide sponsorship for a cause like YAMU? Does your company provide matching donations for charitable gifts? Contact the Human Resources or Social Responsibility Department of your company to get answers to these questions! YAMU is always in need of financial contributions, shipping and printing services, food and venue sponsors for fundraisers, air travel, and much more that could be provided by a large corporation. Email us at: if you would like to help YAMU with securing a corporate sponsorship.