Our Story

Youth Arts Movement Uganda is a youth-led  non profit organization  based in Kampala-Uganda, with our head offices in kasubi-Nabulagala.  We are a community of creatives started with an aim of creating safe spaces and supportive learning environments where youth can access real global opportunities and to bring positive social impact and economic prosperity for young people in Uganda through Arts, Education and mentorship.

 Youth Arts Movement Uganda aims to inspire and empower young creatives, urban slum communities  to grow and develop through collaborative and creative innovations. We do this by equipping them with the urban skills and tools needed to  enable them to competently survive in this fast changing environment.

As an organization, we thrive to reduce poverty through skills programs that support employability, enterprise, innovation and quality education. We position young people and communities at the core of our values and deliver an outstanding young people experience.


Create | Engage | Connect

Youth Arts Movement Uganda runs on three pillars;

Create; here we encourage young people to dive within themselves and activate and celebrate their inner power of creativity and focus on imagination, ideation and designing – development and branding

Engage: Here we provide an environment that fosters growth of talents and skills by a network of creatives where they can share and learn from one another. We encourage them to work collaboratively instead of fighting or working in competition with each other. We think two heads are better than one!

Connect; we provide a platform through which creatives can network and embrace opportunities for collaboration, funding and mentorship. We do this through staging exhibitions, training and boot camps on various topics and areas of concentration that attract both local and international stakeholders.

Core Values:

Honesty – Responsibility – Love – Respect.

In all our work and actions, we strive for honesty and transparency. Decisions are guided by a commitment to social justice as well as a long term commitment to the community we serve. We aim to undertake our responsibilities with care, wisdom and love. The close relationship between the organization and communities mean that we are able to respond sensitively and effectively to the particular needs of our beneficiaries socially.