Sponsor a project

Community learning centre.

Our community learning center is 5 rooms rental facility with a wall fence and a gate.  It accommodates the YAMU head office block , workshops space, volunteer guest rooms and a compound for activities. This facility has been supporting over 500 vulnerable children and youth for the last three years with informal education and indigenous arts workshops and  skills training. For the past period there has been a gradual increase in the number of the participants  especially during our holiday programs. The space has become smaller thus limiting activities ,the supplies and materials can not be enough for everyone. We wish to buy a five acre piece of land where we could build and establish  the community learning  centre  and vocational school with enough blocks to accommodate the various workshops and vocational training.

You can directly donate towards this specific need by helping us raise USD. 25,000.

Other ways you can help

  • Build a Class block
  • Build a Dance studio  block
  • Donate Video studio equipment for the media Arts Department
  • Donate  Audio Studio equipment for the Performing Arts Department
  • Donate Art supplies and Materials
  • Donate books for the community library
  • Donate Sports gear for the Sports and recreation Department
  • Donate scholastic for the child sponsorship program
  • Donate gifts for special days like Christmas
  • Visit our community learning centre with your friends and family
  • Raise some funds for us.
  • You can join us in building a school block, organize an enjoyment event and raise for this very worthwhile cause from below;
  • Coffee sales
  • Friends & Family Dinner
  • Football match
  • Product sales (T-shirts, households, kitchen items & others)
  • Wedding gifts
  • Marathon & Mountain Climbing
  • Hunting
  • Lunch Party
  • Bingo try singing
  • Cyclist
  • School shows

We promise you that we will ensure that every penny you donate will go to help provide a brighter future for the children and youth of Uganda in our target communities.