Visualize For Equality


Without equal access to technology and the internet, girls and women and people living with disabilities are not able to equally participate in our ever more digital societies. Holding back these special people in  affects every aspect of their lives, including their ability to speak out and campaign on issues that affect them. #Visualize4Equality

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Visualize For Equality is a digital media program under Elite Girls Program aimed at inspiring, educating and equipping a girl child and young women in urban- slum communities with  computing skills in  ICT programs and computer science education, Film and Photography as both job skills and advocacy tools .

Visualize For Equality recognizes that  “sexual and other forms of gender-based violence” comprises not only rape and attempted rape, but also sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, forced early marriage, domestic violence, marital rape, trafficking and female genital mutilation. And we know that these acts of violence can lead to serious consequences of physical and psychological health and social well-being.

The participants are empowered to  use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to advocate for key aspects of human rights like freedom of expression, participation, and inclusion among others. We are changing the narrative of being a voice to the voiceless by actually providing or creating safe spaces where these girls and women can creatively express themselves, have their voices heard by artistically and confidently speaking against all sorts of injustices and violence in their communities. We acknowledge that these very special people have the same skills and talents as their boys/men counterparts and we will not stop until  the  world realizes, accepts,respects and comfortably pay for  their full potentials, abilities and capabilities.

What  we want to do:

Visualize For Equality project is creating  participatory creative ways of promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. The gender component is currently focused on serving five urban slum communities in the greater kampala-region then eventually we shall be covering other regions of Uganda;namely Kapchorwa,Apac,Mbale,Tooro,Fort Portal and Gulu.

Youth Arts Movement Uganda with the help of   Rhythm of Life, Cameras For Girls Uganda,Unbound Uganda, Hunger Project Uganda, Restless Development Uganda, Global Platform Uganda among others will be launching  the Visualize For Equality Campaign on the dates that shall be communicated on this platform. In the mean time we encourage all interested to sign up. You can sign up as a volunteer, Participant, partner or sponsor. For details please write to;

Gender inequality background in Uganda;

Illiteracy is one of the prime causes of gender discrimination in Uganda, Kampala being a capital city, it has a higher literacy rate as compared to the rest of the Country where a bigger population of people especially women are still  illiterate. Parents especially the illiterate ones and those belonging to rural Uganda are not in favor of getting their daughters educated because it brings them no returns.

In today’s world ,economic progress is only possible when men and women work side by side. By denying Women  education, the possibility of economic progress is reduced by half.  An educated woman can bring up her children better and also contribute towards the family income if needed. These special people also have special abilities, gifts ,talents ,skills and dreams they want to achieve.