Our Brand

What do we do?

YAMU creates safe, supportive, sustainable learning environments where youth can access real global opportunities, develop leadership skills and express themselves creatively through the arts and education. YAMU serves youth with limited opportunities and resources in some of the most densely populated urban slum communities in Uganda through our community learning Centre and outreaches programs that focus on minority groups, children, girls and young women.

Some of our programs include:

Health Education

The mandate of this program is to provide key health knowledge and information to our target participants that will aid them in making better healthy decisions for themselves, families and the community at large.  For example, Topics on sexual Reproductive health Rights, Menstrual health and Hygiene,sanitation, diseases awareness, control and prevention, food and nutrition and drug abuse are addressed.

Creative and Digital Media Arts

This program provides youth and children between 10-25 years with a nurturing learning environment featuring innovative arts in digital-media skills and educational classes such as poetry, art and design, film & photography, computer literacy, Hip-hop, song-writing, and dance.

Elite Girls Program:

This program provides teen girls and young women below the age of 25years with positive role models and mentors, educational facilities and resources that allows them to become successful female leaders in their respective communities. To also standardize a leadership development strategy which fosters innovation, confidence, integrity and creative self-expression among teen girls.

 Art-reach Youth Camp

This is one of our annual core programs that engage the youth in gainful outdoor learning experiences; to create, engage and connect while having fun. This camp provides a 5 days window in which young people can be exposed to a whole different creative life changing experience. It is available to youth between 15-25years from within and outside Kampala.


Visualize is a digital media program under the Media Arts Department staged to equip young people with skills in Film making and production. In just 5 days, participants learn how to operate different cameras, scripting, production design and video editing. Other classes offered include; special effects and visual effects, lighting and graphics designing.

Why we do what we do?

With a median age of 15 years, Uganda has one the world’s youngest populations. Based on even the most conservative estimates, at least 58% of Uganda’s 30 million people are under the age of 21. With little to look forward to, Ugandan youth living in urban poverty are particularly vulnerable to drug and substance abuse, sexual and labor exploitation, domestic violence, gang involvement and HIV/AIDS. The most pressing issues facing these youth are poverty, the risk of HIV/AIDS infection, and an inaccessible education system. YAMU does what we do because we want to empower, educate, and enrich the lives of Ugandan youth so they can live healthy, positive productive lives, pursue their dreams, develop their talents and leadership skills, and evolve as socially active, responsible citizens to build a better world.

What do we stand for as an organization?

  1. Youth
  2. Self expression
  3. Creativity
  4. Equality
  5. Democratic Leadership and good governance
  6. Art and cultural creativity
  7. Environment , Conservation and clean Energy
  8. Smart solutions
  9. Empowerment
  10. Education
  11. Opportunity
  12. Hip-Hop Culture

What are our dreams?

By what we do and who we are; Ugandan youth will be educated and empowered because we offer outreaches, education and services that help to provide them with opportunities and resources they would not have otherwise had access to. We dream of a world where young people will have equal opportunity to be creative leaders and live a healthy positive and productive life style regardless of their economic situation. We also dream of creating community centers in various other countries in Africa so we can increase our impact and help more youth.

What makes us unique?

YAMU’s programs are innovative unlike most Ugandan organizations which use vocational training, child sponsorship, and counseling services as the main method for youth outreach. All YAMU programs are designed and led exclusively by local youth. Unlike other organisations which rely overwhelmingly on international volunteers to facilitate programs, YAMU relies exclusively on local youth leaders and peer educators to facilitate programs, lead community-based initiatives, coordinate services, and provide outreach through a substantive peer-education model

YAMU has no religious affiliations and does not limit membership – our daily classes and workshops are free, open and accessible to all youth, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, income level, education level, physical disabilities, or family background. YAMU is one of the only organizations that has adopted hip-hop culture as a foundational element of our arts and education programs. Given the growing popularity of hip-hop and its influence on urban African youth, YAMU’s integration of hip-hop youth culture, rapping, and break-dancing gives the organization a competitive advantage in reaching out to urban youth who are increasingly embracing the messages, themes, and images prevalent in hip-hop. All YAMU programs/services are free. Our international volunteers live in the same slum community where we work. They are also required to learn basic Luganda, Uganda’s primary ethnic language.

What do we sound like? 

Our Voice sounds like Pop because it is:

  • Fresh
  • youth-centered
  • Supportive
  • Engaging
  • innovative
  • How do we act?

Our Attitude is unique, creative, passionate, talented, fun, and young.